Brighten up your home with this Monsoon Makeover

Brighten up your home  with this Monsoon Makeover

Bring Back Colours
Incorporate sprightly accessories around the room to add flamboyant liveliness to the space. Make use of bright colour cushions covers, funky table tops or attractive wallpapers. For instance, one can include a shade of yellow to present a feeling of warmth in this frosty weather. Since rainy skies often look dull, using vibrant hues helps to not reflect that indoors.  Keep the decor high spirited by involving peppy shades such as electric pink, rosy red, tangerine or citrus. The inclusion of varied colours helps uplift the interiors from the outdoors greys and blues.  

Aromatic scents and lighted up corners
Invest in scented candles and diffusers to prevent the home interiors from a musty rain smell. The aroma proves to be soothing and lively to one’s smell senses, thus making the interiors more inviting for people. Aromatic fragrances can instantly improve the despondent mood. During the monsoons, dark corners enhance the shadow play, building dispirited aesthetics. Make use of lampshades or lanterns in the corners of the room to offer the space a regal look. Placing floor lamps further offers a peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room. 

Bring Greenery Indoors 
Adding abundant greenery and bringing nature inside act as an instant stress buster. Make use of colourful vases or repurpose glass bottles to place the beautiful fauna. One can include hibiscus and jasmines from the garden and allow them to float in wide water baths. Place them in room corners to bring in the added natural fragrance. There is no dearth of ornamental flowers and leafy plants when it comes to adding variety to floral arrangements. Moreover, it can also make room corners look lush and sophisticated. 

Use Airy Fabrics 
While bold shaded & heavy curtains add a royal look to the interiors, they tend to be challenging to maintain during the monsoon season. Make use of sheer fabrics and lace curtains that allows air to pass by and build a lighter ambience. Light curtains especially add a luxuriant look to floor-to-ceiling windows. Bright coloured or translucent curtains further allow natural light to filter through, thus improving indoor aesthetics during the day. 

Declutter and go minimal 
The onset of monsoon offers an opportunity to reconstruct the furniture layout of one’s home. The notion is to create a layout that is spaced away from each other, thus allowing freedom of movement. Moreover, having furniture backed up against the wall absorbs moisture and habituates the growth of fungi. Uncluttered furniture setting also offers the illusion of wider space and allows access to better ventilation of rooms.